Clinique dentaire Barrette et Malouin

Type of project : Dental Clinic Renovations

Year of construction : 2010 et 2021

City : Gatineau, Hull Sector (Québec)

Renovations have been done twice for the dental clinic. In 2010, complete renovations were done to bring the clinic up to date and expand to accommodate a new partner. In 2021, new renovations were made to the basement to expand the clinic to accommodate a third dentist. The clinic has three floors.

In 2010, I called on CAMA to completely renovate my clinic in preparation for the arrival of my new partner, Dr. François Malouin. 10 years later, having been perfectly satisfied with their work, we once again called on CAMA to expand our clinic to accommodate our new partner, Dr. Marie Hébert-Lemire. And once again, the quality of the work meets our high standards!

Dr. Yves BarretteBarrette & Malouin Dental Clinic

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