Custom homes

custom homes
Customized houses

Your custom (or personalized) home is created and built entirely to suit your personal preferences, your lifestyle, your desires and your budget. Whether it is modern, contemporary or a Victorian home, the project usually starts from scratch and takes shape following discussions between the client and the architect. It is important to work with a professional such as an architect, who will be able to transform your dream into optimized layouts and solutions while respecting construction standards. As a general contractor in Ottawa-Gatineau, we collaborate with architectural and design firms from this region or elsewhere to ensure that your dreams become reality.

We will build you a custom home that is totally adapted to your family’s needs and specifications. The Industries CAMA team will plan and build your project, while respecting your budget.

Customization enables you to create an original home that reflects your personality!

If you choose the turnkey option, several formulas are available to you. Contact us, and it will be our pleasure to walk you through the process!

We also offer a plan research tool, which you can find under the section Choose your plan.

Are you looking for a plan that will meet your needs?

Let us help you!

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